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Betting in bitcoins has gained a great level of popularity. First of all, this happened due to the overall growth of the cryptocurrency market. Today, the method of non-fiat financial settlements is globally popular and the level of its involvement in all aspects of life continues to grow.

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Reasons to pay attention to cryptocurrencies for betting today

When betting on sports, most bettors are used to using outdated but proven methods, namely bank cards or electronic wallets. However, fiat currencies have a number of disadvantages that significantly complicate further interaction with them for those who really seek profit in the long term.

In particular, inflation constantly devalues your winnings in the bookmaker's office if they are not fixed in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. They can be called the money of our time, which will definitely only increase in popularity from year to year.

Also, the inefficiency of traditional currencies is constantly decreasing due to the fact that they are a good marker of control over money circulation by the governments of specific states. Anyway, it is the central bank that determines the volume of money supply and the rules by which it can be used, which is already inconvenient for users.

High level of confidentiality

There are cases when bank clients were denied housing loans because of their addiction to gambling. At the same time, it was not necessary to prove the fact that the client was suffering from gambling addiction - just a few transactions were enough as a formal reason for refusing to lend.

Using cryptocurrency, the client automatically gets rid of such problems, even in the future. After all, his personal data is securely hidden by double identification methods. Also, most sites of betting companies that work with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular, support anonymity mode.

Advantages of specialized BTC betting websites

In fact, bookmakers began to introduce cryptocurrencies into account replenishment methods long ago. However, it is not enough just to give your own users the opportunity to use Bitcoins, you also need to adapt the platform itself to their use.

That is why it is more logical to choose a bookmaker from among modern ones that have adapted their own sites to the needs of people who are used to using cryptocurrencies and, accordingly, are accustomed to the appropriate level of service.

Bypassing geographical restrictions

In the world of bookies, the concept of "banned countries" is quite common. This is when users from certain regions of the world, no matter how much they want to, do not have the right to place bets on a particular bookmaker's website. Usually, at their own risk, they use VPNs and other anonymizers in order to hide their own IP address and bypass blocking.

In the case of BTC bookmaker websites, this problem is nullified automatically, because they have no geographical restrictions. Companies are a priori globalized and ready to accept payments regardless of where they come from. The same applies to payments to cryptocurrency accounts after customers successfully meet the wagering requirements.

Growth of cryptocurrency value during betting

Usually, when playing on the bookmaker's website, the client sees a profit, but in fact it means at best treading water when using fiat currencies. After all, inflation, faster or slower, does its job and punters do not really become richer.

Playing on bets with cryptocurrencies on specialized services, bettors are guaranteed to become richer. To do this, it is not even necessary to actively place bets, because the funds available on the game account become more valuable every minute.

More loyal financial restrictions

Restrictions on the maximum deposit amount have long been commonplace in the gambling market. This phenomenon, again, is based on the rules set by financial institutions and governments of the respective countries.

Due to the fact that 100% of BTC bets are made on sites that have Curacao registration, restrictions on the maximum amounts of replenishment of gaming accounts are much more loyal to customers and give the latter room for profit growth and stable enrichment.

Independence of financial operations

Legislation in certain countries is constantly changing. As an example, we can cite the situation that took place in the UK in April 2020, when a ban was introduced at the state level on replenishment of accounts in bookmakers from credit bank cards. Accordingly, accounts that had previously verified cards of the corresponding type automatically became illegal.

To avoid this problem and gain a greater level of financial independence, you should simply use bookies that are adapted for cryptocurrencies. As of 2023, the banking system has no direct impact on crypto wallets around the world.

How to exchange funds without problems

In the case of non-fiat currencies, sooner or later there will be a need to exchange them for fiat currencies. Simply because we still cannot completely close all our needs in the offline segment to settlements in cryptocurrency, although the world is actively moving in this direction.

Currency exchanges are usually in no hurry to meet punters who want to withdraw cryptocurrency funds from their accounts in BTC bookies websites. Even if you hide the source of income, such exchanges will still determine its origin using complex blockchain algorithms.

That is why it makes sense to use an exchange that has never in its history had a policy of opposing cryptocurrency gambling income. An example of such an exchange is Binance. In addition, an account there will allow the client to use minimal commissions due to the large coverage, have guarantees of BTC protection and, in general, form a larger number of cryptocurrency pairs. Using Binance as a financial intermediary, it is much easier to place bets in cryptocurrency on betting sites and withdraw the earned funds.

Advantages of betting in BTC

Making bets in cryptocurrency, besides being financially profitable, is very convenient. The minimum commissions of most systems also benefit the development of the process. It was also possible to notice more favorable coefficients on BTC bookmaker sites, compared to traditional ones, which have to pay taxes on income in fiat currencies. Margin at the level of 2-3% is common for such bookies, while those that use mostly the usual cash rarely give less than 5%.

Today, cryptocurrency sports betting sites offer no less wide lineups than traditional bookmakers for such popular sports as:

  • football (EPL, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup)
  • tennis (ATP and WTA tournaments, Davis Cup)
  • hockey (NHL, Olympics, World Cup)
  • basketball (NBA, All stars games)
  • american football (Rose Bawl, Superbawl)

In particular, there are also several specific markets in sports betting lines using cryptocurrency. This increases the number of alternative options for betting.

Opportunities for virtual sports betting in cryptocurrency

Some bettors confuse virtual sports with eSports, equating two fundamentally different concepts. In fact, there is a huge difference between these disciplines, because the former is entirely created by artificial intelligence, while the latter involves the human factor, and computer technology is used exclusively as a mechanism for organizing events, not creating them.

Also, betting on virtual sports in bookies with cryptocurrency has a significant advantage in those countries where gambling is prohibited in principle. After all, their virtual nature gives room for creating legal ways to circumvent bans. However, it should be understood that the probability of success of betting on virtual sports is very similar to the probability of winning at roulette, that is, the client's chances of making a profit will never exceed 50%.

What is needed to start cryptocurrency betting

Since the topic is quite interesting and widespread all over the world, it is easy to find tips on the web, as well as a collection of both advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrencies in sports betting. However, our task is to simplify the presentation of information as much as possible, to the point where everything is put on the shelves and nothing important is lost from sight.

Thanks to the processing of the general layer of information, we managed to achieve a certain structure. So here is our mini guide to sports betting in BTC in 2023. Before you go deeper into the study of information, let's note a couple of important aspects:

  1. Among the large number of cryptocurrencies, most specialized bookmakers choose only a small number of regulars. Moreover, these wallets are repeated in different companies of the gaming market
  2. Most types of cryptocurrency wallets are characterized by instability and exchange rate fluctuations. This can directly affect the income of customers of bookmakers who have accounts in certain cryptocurrencies
  3. Transactions in cryptocurrency are not reversible. That is, if you made a mistake when entering the details, but confirmed the transaction, then it will be impossible to prove it as a human factor and return the funds.

Choose a BTC betting site and register

From the list listed above on the website of our project, choose a cryptocurrency bookie to create a personal account. When choosing, you need to focus on such parameters as the speed and simplicity of the registration process, the availability of welcome bonuses and their size, as well as the presence of additional benefits through the provision of promotional codes.

There is an increasing trend towards simplifying the registration procedure with cryptocurrency bookmakers compared to betting companies that accept bets in fiat currencies.

Stabilize currency exchange processes

Ideally, you have a crypto wallet with a certain amount of money available for gambling. If you do not have the appropriate funds, we advise you to use one of the popular exchanges to buy it. Most gamblers use Binance and Kraken as reliable and convenient services for exchanging fiat currencies into crypto.

It should be noted that Coinbase, a fairly reputable resource for the exchange of electronic and digital currencies, is not loyal to bettors. If you try to replenish your account at the bookie with money received here, your personal account will be blocked.

To reduce financial costs at the stage of registration with a cryptocurrency bookmaker, you should choose the non-fiat currency in which you are going to replenish your account. This will help to avoid additional fees.

Prepare Bitcoin wallet settings

By verifying your own BTC wallet for transactions in the personal account of the bookmaker, the punter provides access to cryptocurrency funds to third parties. Thus, you should take care in advance not only about the availability of the required amount, but also about the security of personal funds.

In general, there are two levels of security in cryptocurrency wallets. The first is "hosting", which regulates the work on controlling the security of access to your money. This is a more reliable protection mechanism that makes it impossible to lose coins, even if the owner has forgotten access passwords or other important information. In any case, all important information is stored on the server of the personal exchange and can be easily restored by the real owner of the cryptocurrency. The disadvantage of this approach is the blocking of accounts on some hostings when trying to replenish your personal account of your bookmaker.

In the case of non-hosted access, all important information, including the private key, is available only to the owner of the crypto wallet. He must protect it from unauthorized access by third parties, for which he bears sole personal responsibility. It is more convenient to connect non-custodial wallets in BTC to cryptocurrency bookies. That is, those in which control over personal information and parameters of access to funds is carried out exclusively by the owner.

There are certain inconveniences when using non-custodial crypto wallets. In particular, you will have to use third-party programs, "clients". One of the most common clients for managing a BTC wallet is the MetaMask application. On the other hand, this application allows you to enter and securely protect the storage of your personal wallet.

Check the transaction code

Any transaction in cryptocurrency has a unique alphanumeric code, which should be used with 100% accuracy when copying. Haste in this process is inappropriate, because even with a minimal error, it will be almost impossible to return already recorded and confirmed transactions.

Make a deposit in cryptocurrency

When all the above steps are completed, the only thing left to do is to choose the deposit amount and make it. To do this, the client uses a unique code that must be copied on the bookmaker's website and pasted exactly into his own wallet.

Important: you need to choose only the cryptocurrency in which the transfer is made in order not to pay an additional commission!

Usually, the funds are credited instantly after the transaction is confirmed. But even if this does not happen, wait up to 6 hours before contacting the support service. We wish you pleasant betting in cryptocurrency!

Search parameters for the best cryptocurrency betting sites

What aspects should you focus on when searching for the best online betting sites for BTC? Let's consider this question in more detail:

  1. does the cryptocurrency bookmaker accept players from your region? It often happens that users manage to register with a bookie registered in Curacao and even earn money. However, when trying to withdraw funds to a crypto wallet, problems arise and that's when the company indicates that your country is on the list of prohibited countries. Accordingly, no one will return the funds to you. This information is best checked in advance, on third-party resources that are trusted enough
  2. does the betting company have a good reputation? Another parameter that can be checked only on independent resources. In the modern Internet, positive reviews of a paid nature are no longer surprising. Our project is focused on honesty and above all tries to cover information comprehensively and impartially. Therefore, you can trust the rating of cryptocurrency bookies published above, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of each of them
  3. how convenient is it to make payments? In addition to the two usual parameters for bookmakers - transaction speed and the number of available options, in the case of cryptocurrency betting, a third is added. It is about limits, because not every company that accepts BTC bets online can afford to pay serious amounts. Therefore, in most cases, customers are set monthly limits in the equivalent of $10,000. However, the best cryptocurrency bookmakers, such as Stake, can guarantee unlimited payouts. Such companies are included in our rating of the best
  4. does the cryptocurrency bookie fulfill end-to-end conditions? As crypto payments quickly became fashionable, almost all traditional bookmakers began to offer them. This allowed such companies to position themselves as "cryptocurrency bookmakers". However, in fact, they only carry out currency transactions with double conversion at the stage of deposit and withdrawal. Directly when placing bets, clients of such bookies use fiat currencies. This makes no sense if they really believe in the stability of the cryptocurrency market. That is why the best modern bookmakers in the segment have implemented or are seeking to implement pass-through conditions. This is when you both replenish your account in a certain cryptocurrency and play in it, without losing money on paying commissions
  5. are bonus offers really profitable? In general, the bonus policy of cryptocurrency bookmakers is not much different from traditional betting companies. It can be divided into three categories: welcome bonuses, promotions for existing customers and VIP programs. However, in most cases, the conditions for wagering bonuses are so difficult that it is almost impossible to actually make a profit from them. Only those BTC bookmakers that guarantee their customers loyal conditions and transparent benefits, without hidden meanings in the implementation of the bonus policy, will get the best score in the "bonuses" category in the rating of our project
  6. does the company really offer favorable odds? The quality of the betting line remains perhaps the most important parameter when choosing a cryptocurrency bookmaker. However, for the maximum purity of the experiment, you should have gaming accounts with several of the most reputable bookies and compare them in terms of line width and margin literally head-to-head
  7. is the customer support service good enough? No matter how experienced a client of a cryptocurrency bookmaker considers himself, he may have questions in the process of getting acquainted with the service. To get a quick and high-quality answer, it would be better to have access to the appropriate level of support service

How to analyze the odds line

When betting on sports, it is important to have your own coordinate system that will allow you to evaluate the line correctly. It is not enough to be guided in this process solely by your own feelings - you also need to use practical mathematical models. One of them is "betting tissue", namely writing your own quotes. In those places of the line where the fluctuations will be most noticeable, you should look for the boulder.

Also keep in mind that there are different types of coefficients and you also need to navigate them, automatically determining the value of one or another. The ultimate goal of the process is to find weaknesses in the bookmaker's BTC line and take advantage of them. The effectiveness will be determined by both the speed of the cryptocurrency bettor's reaction and the quality of the preparation for line evaluation.

American type of odds

Cryptocurrency bookmakers that focus on the North American gambling market actively use the local model of quotes. Moreover, in some cases, it is used on a non-alternative basis.

To understand how to read American coefficients, it is enough to divide by the usual 2.00. Minus in American coefficients means everything below this limit, plus, respectively, everything that exceeds it. On specific examples, it looks more understandable:

  • +110: with a bet of a hundred dollars at this coefficient, the winning will be $210, where $110 is the net profit
  • +150: accordingly, it guarantees a net profit of $150
  • +300: at this rate, success will bring a total profit to the balance of $400, excluding the hundred dollars that the client bet
  • -110: in fact, this means the equivalent of the decimal multiplier 0.9, because the total profit after calculating the bet of $100, even in case of success, will be only $90.91
  • -150: net profit on this bet will be $66.67 in case of success. But do not forget that you bet exactly one hundred dollars, 34.34 of which you actually lost
  • -300: again, with a minus sign, you do not need to multiply the total amount, but divide it by the coefficient relative to one. That is, having received a successful bet on this quote, the client will make only $33.33 from his $100

Decimal coefficients

The most familiar odds for Europeans, to be able to use them, it is enough to simply master the mathematical operation of multiplication. For example, if you have $100 that you want to bet on the success of a certain team, which is estimated by the coefficient 1.55. When multiplying, we get 100*1.55=$155, respectively, the net profit will be $55.

How to calculate the probability of success of your bet? It is very simple, just divide 100 by the coefficient in decimal form, ie: 100/1,55=64.5%.

Fractional quotes

Fractional odds are very common in the UK. They are also quite easy to read, for example, 6/1 indicates a net win that is six times the amount of the bet. Accordingly, if you bet $10, you will get back $60 profit and another $10 that you bet. In other words, the quote 6/1 in fractional terms means the equivalent of 7.00 in European and +600 in American.

The figure to the left of the fraction means the profit that will be received when betting the amount specified to the right of the slash. That is, when betting at odds of 1/6, the user of a cryptocurrency bookmaker receives $1 for every $6 bet. That is, this is the equivalent of the quote 1.166 in European terms.

What to bet on in bitcoins

So, we have already figured out what procedure you need to follow so that non-fiat funds are on your account and do not actually lose their value. Now it's time to move on to the procedure for making a profit. Our guide will help you to understand the types of bets and all their nuances.

Match winner market

The simplest market, which is also called the "main line". Depending on the discipline, it may contain 2 or 3 options, with an assessment of the chances of winning a particular team or player. If we are talking about tennis or table tennis, where there are no draws a priori, then cryptocurrency bookmakers will offer only two options - Victory 1 or Victory 2. Moreover, one of the quotes will definitely be less than 2.00 in European form, or both will be less than this limit if the match is frankly equal rivals. The bookmaker also needs to earn money, so he will put his own margin in each of the outcomes of the match.

As for most team sports, where there may be a draw, it is a bit more complicated. It is necessary to study the betting rules, which, in particular, will not pay out funds on bets on a draw in a basketball match if it happened at the end of one of the overtime periods. For the most part, for other traditional sports "on three outcomes" the odds on a draw in regular time are quite high.


In the case of overtime, the specifics of betting with cryptocurrency bookies should be considered in more detail. Depending on the sport, the duration of overtime and the rules themselves differ. In hockey, for example, the game lasts until the puck is thrown, as soon as this event happens, the final siren sounds. Football overtime is clearly regulated - two segments of 15 minutes, regardless of how many goals are scored. Accordingly, this has an impact on other betting markets in BTC, such as "pass", "total", etc.

Some sports are considered by cryptocurrency bookmakers in conjunction with overtime and the result is determined taking into account the duration of the latter. Therefore, before making a bet, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for calculating bets on overtime at this particular bookmaker.

Outright BTC betting markets

On the websites of most cryptocurrency bookmakers, you can bet on the winner of the tournament long before it starts. Of course, outright odds markets change over time - the shorter the period left before the start of the competition, the more relevant they can be.

Some betting companies even offer automatic full refunds before the tournament has even started. This is a very useful feature in the long run and a manifestation of loyalty from the BTC bookmaker.

Total bets in cryptocurrency

In the case of total betting, we should talk about the high level of popularity of this market. The reason for this phenomenon is obvious, because when choosing between "over" and "under", the bookmaker's client does not care who wins the match. Moreover, under certain circumstances, he will be satisfied with a draw.

Barriers for the total market take into account the fractional part of 0.5 or 0.25, which solves controversial issues that could arise in case of ambiguity. Nevertheless, if two goals are scored in the match, or exactly 4 points are scored, it allows you to unambiguously calculate the bet on "Total less than 4.5". However, integer values leave the bettor the opportunity to get his money back when hitting the total.

Author of the next goal or point

This is one of the easiest to understand sports markets for cryptocurrency betting. It is enough just to guess the player or the whole team that will score the next goal. Accordingly, quotes for footballers or basketball players will be higher than for the entire sports teams they represent.

The catch may lie in the simple fact that still about 7% of football matches in Europe end with no goals scored at all, which means an automatic loss of any bet on the market we are considering. That is why we would recommend you to choose hockey or tennis for betting on the author of the next goal or point in BTC, where the chances of making a mistake and being left with nothing are much less.


Usually, in matches where there is a clear favorite, it makes sense to consider handicap betting in cryptocurrency. This is the bookmaker's assessment of the balance of power between teams or players in individual disciplines, which means that a certain side is favored before the event begins.

If everything is more or less clear with European handicaps, most beginners in the betting world do not fully understand the essence of Asian handicaps. But they are loved by professionals because Asian handicaps leave more room for getting an advantage over the line. When you see betting parameters like +0.25 or -0.75, we are talking about Asian handicaps. In both cases, the amount of your bet is divided in half and conditionally placed on adjacent values (respectively 0 and +0.5 in the first case, and -0.5 and -1 in the second).

Cryptocurrency bets by half or quarter

Depending on the sport, Bitcoin betting sites allow you to bet not on the whole match, but on its part. Relatively speaking, the client of the bookie knows the trends of a certain team and its strengths and weaknesses in certain periods of the match. It is by betting on these time ranges that he guarantees himself additional advantages over the line.

Betting in cryptocurrency on the exact score

Analyzing the match, as well as the general trends in the performance of the teams, the bettor can take a risk and put his bitcoins on the exact score. If successful, this will multiply the amount of the bet several times, because the coefficients in the market are consistently high.

For the most part, the exact score is easier to guess in those sports where the average performance is lower. For example, European football is almost perfect for this type of bet.

Betting in LIVE mode

Following the match on video, the client of cryptocurrency bookmakers always has an advantage. After all, there is no need to guess the current state of health of specific players or their general form - everything is clear and understandable.

The choice of markets for real-time betting is usually not inferior to the pre-match. Moreover, there are exclusive offers for LIVE, which also allow you to get an additional advantage over the line.

Ante-post bets

We are talking about those bets that are made at least one day before the event. Moreover, ante-post bets are mostly made on entire tournaments, not on their individual matches. Relatively speaking, having learned about the successful net for Novak Djokovic at his favorite Australian Open, the bettor puts a significant amount in cryptocurrency on the next championship of the Serb with odds of 1.80. After Novak successfully passes 2-3 rounds, this coefficient will fall to 1.50, if not lower. So such a bet, made in advance, automatically turns into a value!

Pros and cons of using bitcoins for betting

Before you upload a certain amount in BTC to a sports betting site, you need to create a summary. Conditionally, the client has found the perfect platform that fully meets all the parameters. However, there is still a share of risk, which is present in gambling a priori.

Advantages of betting in Bitcoins:

  • more and more bookmaker websites offer discounts and bonuses to those customers who replenish their accounts in cryptocurrency
  • the constant growth of BTC popularity guarantees an increase in the value of winning bets over time
  • anonymity of financial transactions with a serious equivalent in fiat currencies

Among the disadvantages, we note the following points:

  • too high commissions on most sites that accept fiat currencies for betting
  • the absence of a single regulator makes it impossible to file a lawsuit if a bookmaker's client has become a victim of fraud
  • even the most reliable cryptocurrency is not insured against the rapid fall of the exchange rate