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OwnerHalcyon Super Holdings BV
Language US
Bookmaker typeCrypto
Minimum deposit0.001 BTC
Withdraw limit/monthN/A
OwnerBlockDance B.V
Language US UA
Bookmaker typeCrypto, Fiat
Minimum depositN/A
Withdraw limit/monthN/A
OwnerMoon Technologies B.V
Language US
Bookmaker typeCrypto, Fiat
Minimum deposit0,00025 BTC
Withdraw limit/month≈200 BTC
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    At a time when most financial transactions have moved to the online segment, the need to hide your personal data has become acute. The fact is that hackers do not sleep either, and therefore the loss of data or even access to their own assets as a result of careless transactions is quite common.

    As of the first half of 2023, many online casinos have already provided their customers with an anonymous mode. However, does it really allow you to safely and, most importantly, secretly make a profit from gambling? After all, anonymity mode is used not only for security purposes but also to make gambling more profitable by avoiding commissions and taxes. That is why you need to understand this issue as clearly as possible.

    Finding a reliable casino

    Various resources that study the gambling market already provide detailed information about modern websites with slots, roulette, card games, and many other mechanisms for increasing profitability. Even if a customer is interested in a gambling project solely in the context of entertainment, the extra funds will still be used for additional spins, which is an additional level of satisfaction from the process.

    In fact, the search for a reliable and at the same time anonymous resource for online baccarat, blackjack, and poker games is not so easy. After all, if the review talks about anonymity, and at the first stage you are required to register, these are mutually exclusive concepts. Truly anonymous sites will never ask for personal data of their gamblers, nor will they take money, using only guarantees of payment in case of a customer's loss. Fortunately, modern software solutions and blockchain technology itself allow for true anonymity without any problems. Smart contacts are a guarantee of a post-facto transaction, so there is no need to directly upload funds to the gaming platform before the end of the game.

    Access from prohibited regions

    As in the betting environment, online casinos with cryptocurrency are often registered on islands. Curacao remains the most popular region for issuing licenses to such companies. Accordingly, for some companies, the island itself remains prohibited for gambling. That is, people living in Curacao will not be able to use the services of an online gambling platform - it is nonsense, but it is a reality.

    Is there a way to circumvent these bans? Of course, and today there are even alternatives in this matter, such as Tor-browsers, VPN connections, or browser extensions that guarantee anonymity. We will discuss one of them in more detail below. 

    Extensions to increase anonymity

    The Metamask plugin used by the browser of a personal computer ensures that the personal data of website visitors will not be known to third parties. Even the online casino platform itself will learn about the game of a potential customer only if it makes an actual profit from it.

    If a user visits an online casino website using the MetaMask extension, there is a chance to remain incognito until the end and still make a material profit. Of course, to do this, you need to make 100% successful bets and then leave the site undefeated.

    Search by provider

    A sign of a reliable and safe online casino is the ability to apply filters to search for certain gambling games by manufacturer. An example of such a search is the ability to filter slots by provider, which is provided by most online cryptocurrency casinos in 2023.

    The more stable the reputation of a particular manufacturer of online video slots or other types of casino entertainment, the more confident gamblers will be in using its products. At the same time, it is important that anonymity parameters are supported by slots, and therefore, they are prescribed within the policy of a particular developer.

    Bonus policy of anonymous casinos

    It should be understood that every online casino customer faces an obvious choice - either to use the anonymity mode or to use bonus offers. Since it makes no sense to stimulate people who want to hide their personal data and do not want to make a deposit on the website, bonuses from truly anonymous companies in the gambling market will have a minimum size and not very loyal conditions.

    In fact, the quality of bonuses is another marker that clearly divides online casinos into anonymous and non-anonymous ones. Although PR campaigns and custom materials may say otherwise, and along with a €500 bonus on the first deposit, you will allegedly be guaranteed an anonymous mode.

    The use of cryptocurrency

    The demand for anonymity in the online casino industry arose immediately after the possibility of depositing funds in cryptocurrency became available. The fact is that the blockchain has long since implemented a scheme that makes any transactions both highly secure and completely private. Smart contacts between two parties do not require the disclosure of personal data, as cooperation takes place on a higher level of trust.

    Similarly to the betting market, online casino owners are also moving towards 100% cooperation with the BTC segment and other popular crypto wallets. Therefore, true anonymity is only a matter of time and a deliberate consequence of the evolution of financial transactions on the Internet.

    Lack of financial constraints

    It is logical that if a third party does not know the size of a customer's transaction for a certain type of gambling entertainment until the moment of settlement, it would be a pointless step on the part of a gambling operator to set limits and replenish or payout. Otherwise, it is just a "finger in the sky" approach. However, by setting financial limits, casinos show their potential gamblers that they do not actually have any anonymity.

    Accordingly, truly anonymous platforms will not have minimum deposit limits or restrictions on the amount of maximum payout per month. This, in turn, is a common phenomenon in the gambling market as of the first half of 2023.


    In conclusion, let us summarize the signs of choosing a truly anonymous online casino:

    • no financial limits
    • minimal bonuses or their complete absence
    • loyal attitude to browser extensions that increase the security and anonymity of the client
    • the casino does not have a clear geographical reference to a certain place or region
    • deposits are not transferred to third parties, including the gambling platform itself