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The anonymity of the betting process is something unattainable for traditional betting methods and a completely adequate reality for the world of cryptocurrencies. At the moment, it is not difficult to bet a large sum on a sporting event and remain incognito. Even if the client of the bookmaker does it online. How are anonymity parameters guaranteed when placing bets and what is the difference between websites with classified access to personal data of customers and traditional bookies? Let's look into this issue together.

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    Anonymous operation is aimed at hiding all punter data from external financial regulators and governments of certain countries. But to achieve this, it is necessary to make this status impossible. In other words, registration on a betting portal that accepts payments in cryptocurrency should be impossible in order to maintain 100% anonymity.

    Another good factor is that the payment for placing a bet is made without intermediaries, i.e. bettors do not need to replenish their own gaming account, and punters can pay directly from their crypto wallet. If you managed to find a resource that meets these criteria, congratulations - you are on the right track.

    Anonymous mode in prohibited countries

    It is quite common in the betting business that certain countries are included in the list of banned countries. That is, it is impossible to access the functionality of a betting platform from their territory. In this case, what should fans of anonymous mode do when betting in cryptocurrencies?

    In fact, everything is very simple - the use of a VPN will solve two problems at once, at least. Firstly, these actions ensure the anonymity of an arbitrary IP address from which the connection is made. And secondly, anonymizers or incognito browsers allow you to use the services of websites even from the territory of prohibited countries. And the absence of the need to register and confirm their personal data provides customers with all the conditions for making a net profit from anonymous betting.

    Metamask extension

    Thanks to the secure transactions provided by the Metamask web browser extension, funds are reserved directly from the client's wallet in the cryptocurrency of their choice. Accordingly, payments will also be made using the same details, with zero commission.

    If a bitcoin anonymous sports betting website has established commission payments for certain services, you should seriously consider whether it is really anonymous. A potential customer of such a bookie should also be alerted to the lack of cooperation between the allegedly anonymous BTC bookmaker and the Metamask browser extension.

    Principle of anonymous betting

    After funds are credited and confirmed by the operator, the process of anonymous crypto betting is completely the same as traditional fiat currency betting. The client chooses favorable odds, bets a certain amount, and then waits for the event to end. A payout in case of success means that the profit can be immediately added to the balance of the crypto wallet.

    One of the significant advantages of anonymous betting among modern bookies is the absence of the need for verification. In practice, only a few companies operating in the Bitcoin betting market can guarantee this.

    Bonuses in anonymous mode

    Of course, there are also disadvantages when a bookmaker's client uses anonymous mode. It is the lack of bonuses, including offers for new customers. Usually, these bonuses provide bettors with additional benefits or even direct financial gain.

    When using the anonymous betting sites, however, no money is actually deposited to the balance of the betting shop. Accordingly, the interest of sports betting operators in providing bonuses disappears by itself.

    Use of cryptocurrency exchanges

    Many cryptocurrency bookies have exchanges for exchanging certain currencies directly in the betting environment. However, this is not entirely safe for organizing customer anonymity. Especially if the exchange is carried out in the direction of fiat money to crypto wallets.

    Most likely, betting companies that offer their potential customers exchange services for the exchange of funds will not be able to provide a full-fledged anonymity mode. Even if they actively advertise it in their promos. Pay attention to this when looking for a reliable BTC bookmaker.

    Anonymity in the case of decentralization

    Many modern bookmakers are registered in an offshore zone, in particular on the Curacao Islands. This is done to minimize tax costs, which is logical from the perspective of the gambling business itself. However, for customers, this means additional risks, including the risk of losing their funds.

    On the other hand, for the cryptocurrency betting market, decentralization and the online nature of the bookmaker are a clear advantage. First of all, the absence of a commission will be an attractive factor for the client. Secondly, in almost 100% of cases, such online platforms are based on blockchain transactions, i.e. all transfers to them are protected by the principle of smart contacts.

    No financial limits

    At first glance, this is a trifle, but it is definitely worth paying attention to when choosing a bookmaker with cryptocurrency and an anonymous mode. The fact is that in the case of transactions with protected data of any kind, there should be no limits on the sports betting website.

    Accordingly, if you notice amounts regulating the minimum deposit or maximum payout per month when reviewing a particular bookmaker, then such a company is unlikely to be able to provide you with all the necessary conditions for anonymous betting.


    In conclusion, we note that as of the first half of 2023, only a few companies on the cryptocurrency bookmaker market are able to provide 100% anonymity conditions. Usually, this definition does not mean what bettors are looking for. Nevertheless, complete anonymity of online sports betting is already real and this process is inevitable, and most bookmakers that want to develop will gradually realize it.