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Bookmaker XYZ is an online betting platform that offers a range of sports and esports betting options. It has a modern website design with a dark background and white fonts, making it easy to navigate and use. The website also features a sliding carousel at the top, as well as tabs like Events and Docs for helpful resources. Additionally, Bookmaker XYZ has extensive documentation on its website covering topics such as connecting wallets, placing bets, redeeming bets, and other technical resources.

Unfortunately, Bookmaker XYZ does not have a live chat feature or telephone number for customer support. However, customers can contact them via email at hello@bookmaker.xyz or through their interactive presence on Twitter and Discord community to ask questions and get answers. The website loads quickly on both desktop and mobile browsers with an easy-on-the-eyes screen resolution. Overall, Bookmaker XYZ provides an enjoyable betting experience with its modern design and helpful resources.


Registration is not required to start betting at Bookmaker XYZ, as it is a decentralized betting platform. All that is needed to begin betting is to link a Web3-compatible digital wallet. This can be done by installing Metamask and getting some xDAI. Alternatively, tutorials are available on how to get Ethereum, BSC, or Polygon for those who prefer these options.

The decentralized nature of the platform means that users do not have to worry about their data being shared with third parties or having their accounts hacked. Furthermore, the use of blockchain technology ensures that all bets are secure and transparent. This makes it easier for users to trust the platform and place bets without any worries.

How do bets work on Bookmaker.xyz?

Bookmaker.XYZ is a new betting platform that allows users to place bets on the outcomes of football matches or esports fixtures. The process is monitored and documented transparently on the chain without third-party interference, with each bet documented as an NFT with real commercial value. Winnings are calculated by multiplying the initial stake by the odds, which are provided by independent oracles and match the Azuro protocol. As the event progresses, these odds respond to the betting activities of other bettors.

When your bets win, you receive money from the liquidity pool based on your initial amount staked multiplied by the odds. Lost bets are transferred into this same liquidity pool to be deployed for consequent payments, with liquidity providers receiving a piecemeal compensation for their transactions. Although Bookmaker.XYZ has recently launched and their odds may not be particularly impressive yet, they offer a secure and transparent way to bet on sports and esports events online.

What is the process for placing a bet on Bookmaker.XYZ?

Bookmaker.XYZ is a new betting platform that provides its users with the opportunity to place bets on football matches or esports fixtures. The odds provided by Bookmaker.XYZ are provided by independent oracles and match the Azuro protocol, meaning they respond to betting activities as the event progresses. When your bets win, you receive money from the liquidity pool which is essentially your initial stake multiplied by the odds. This process is monitored and documented transparently by independent, vetted oracles, ensuring fairness and accuracy in all transactions.

In addition to this, when you place a bet on Bookmaker.XYZ, it is documented with an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) which has real commercial value. This means that not only do you have the chance to win money through your bets but also gain access to valuable digital assets as well. Liquidity providers also benefit from this system as they can send money into liquidity pools and receive a piecemeal compensation for their transactions.

Which cryptocurrency can you use for betting?

Cryptocurrency has become a popular way to bet on sports and other events. Bookmaker.XYZ is one of the few sites that allows you to bet with cryptocurrency. The only cryptocurrency accepted on Bookmaker.XYZ is xDAI, which is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. To place bets with crypto, simply visit website and select your desired wager amount in xDAI.

Betting with cryptocurrency is similar to betting with traditional, fiat currencies; however, many online sportsbooks convert crypto deposits into the site’s native currency for betting purposes. When sending or receiving crypto, it's crucial to make sure the wallet address is correct as these transactions cannot be reversed once they're finalized. Cryptocurrency can be a secure and enjoyable way to bet on sports online.

How can you withdraw on Bookmaker.XYZ?

Bookmaker.XYZ is a decentralized betting platform that allows users to place bets without the need for registration. To withdraw funds from the platform, users must first redeem their winnings. This can be done by heading over to the My Bets section and clicking "Redeem" on the bet tile. After the transaction is confirmed, users can then withdraw their crypto funds as desired using a Web3-compatible digital wallet.

Bookmaker XYZ offers an easy and secure way to place bets and withdraw winnings without having to worry about third-party interference or manipulation of results. The platform also provides users with complete control over their funds, allowing them to manage their own finances in a safe and secure environment. With its decentralized nature, Bookmaker XYZ ensures that all transactions are completely transparent and secure, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable betting platform.

Company information

Bookmaker.xyz is a popular online betting site that offers users a wide variety of betting options. They have a “Feedback” section where users can read reviews and comments from other customers, as well as share their own experiences with the site. This allows users to get an idea of what others think about the site before they decide to open an account.


  • What is Bookmaker.xyz?
    Bookmaker.xyz is a decentralized sportsbook.
  • How does Bookmaker.xyz work?
    Bookmaker.xyz uses blockchain technology to offer a decentralized platform for sports betting. It eliminates the need for a central authority and allows users to place bets securely and transparently.
  • What makes Bookmaker.xyz unique compared to other sportsbooks?
    Bookmaker.xyz's decentralization sets it apart from other sportsbooks as it offers a more secure, transparent, and fair betting experience. Transactions are recorded on a blockchain, providing a clear and unalterable record of all activity.
  • What sports can I bet on at Bookmaker.xyz?
    The specific sports available for betting on Bookmaker.xyz can vary, but it typically includes popular sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and more.
  • Is my information secure on Bookmaker.xyz?
    Yes, the decentralized nature of Bookmaker.xyz means that your information is stored securely on the blockchain and cannot be altered or accessed by unauthorized parties. Additionally, the platform implements industry-standard security measures to ensure the protection of user information.

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